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In Flores y Sabores The user when making a payment by order request either via web form or WhatsApp, accepts and has read the following policies, conditions and information; Delivery times are subject to availability and state of vehicular flow / traffic. There are no specific delivery times for example “I want my delivery at 9 o’clock”. (9:00 a.m.). The flower shop reserves the right to notify delays based on the current traffic situation and state of the carrier vehicle. This store will be closed from December 28, 2022, until January 18, 2023.


This website only accepts purchases for home delivery of flowers throughout the Grand Los Angeles

Delivery times will not be met in the following cases: high traffic, mechanical failures, accidents, protests, catastrophic events, wars, or similar circumstances or force majeure.


The customer can browse the website unlimitedly and select the desired product, however, this product must be confirmed in stock (be in stock) by the florist in order to advance to the delivery availability confirmation step, once Confined the stock and availability, payment is made, which can be by mutual agreement. (BANK TRANSFER, CARD PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL) . Credit will only be given to customers who are more than 3 years old and requesting services from this virtual flower shop on a constant or partial basis.


  1. A 100% refund will be made from the cancellation only in the following cases: that the client notifies 15 to 20 minutes in advance about his withdrawal from the moment of payment.

2. The buyer or customer may only request a refund as long as they comply with the first item in this article, otherwise they may only opt for a 100% refund of the value paid only for shipping cost (it is excluded if the order is in shipping route and/or destination approximation)

3. The client assumes full responsibility for the beneficiary receiving the “recipient” product, regardless of the situation of the “recipient” beneficiary, this does not give the right to a product refund in the event that he does not want to receive the product. product or person is not at the specified address. (This is because the product receives a stem cut, which reduces the useful life of the flower purchased by the customer), this process occurs when the product is made.


In order for the flower delivery service to be carried out at home in Los Angeles, 100% of the product must be paid in advance either via bank transfer or PAYPAL (card payment).


Regarding the catalog of products and available offers, these can be changed without prior notice, since changes can only be made through a computer programmer. On the other hand, this website reserves the right to offer, sell its products to whom they deem appropriate.

The flower shop is not responsible for external failures (internet crashes, bounce or inefficient loading of the site).

About the catalog photographs, the first photos are generic that serve as “reference” which contain “subimages” where there are photos of our designs with our stamps, where any unauthorized download of it is prohibited, any misuse can be penalized ©.


The photography service at the time of delivery is a free service for the client, which remains under the total reserve of the florist. Delivery photos will not be taken in the following situations: The recipient refuses to expose himself; there is not enough battery in the device to take the photo; due to personal circumstances of privacy, lack of light or better image. Whatever the reasons, the florist will always support the well-being of the florist and reserves the right to take photos.


The products offered on the website are part of the essence of our flower shop, however, for external reasons from international suppliers, the qualities may vary, offering products with “PREMIUM” quality or inferior “LOW LIFE” quality, where it is The florist’s own criteria is to raise or lower prices as convenient for both the client and the florist.

Of the products, the roses have a guaranteed durability of 3 calendar days since they are put in water by the client, the lilies will ideally be delivered with the largest number of closed buds possible with a guaranteed durability of 4 calendar days once received by the addressee, for tulips it is 3 calendar days, sunflowers 4 calendar days, gerberas 4 calendar days.

In general, all the products mentioned above with good care (temperature in a cool place, without direct sun, water change at least every 2 days, stem cut of 3 cm every two days) should have a durability of more than 2 weeks.

In any of the above cases, the florist will not make any refund in the event that the floral design has been mishandled by the recipient, so this is guaranteed by the photo of the product at the time of delivery.


Being a florist as an “ENTREPRENEUR” of the “microenterprise” category, the Internal Revenue Service has only authorized “INVOICE ONLY” tax issuance instruments, so the other payments will be via PayPal, a service promoted by PAY PAL US. LLC.

The customer’s bill, in this case, is the email sent by PAYPAL to the email that the customer enters when entering the website with reference to our business.


The flower shop and the website will not be responsible under any circumstances in case of technological failure at the time of making the purchase via cards, whether it be the case (double charging of the amount, cloning, fraud or misuse of the PAYPAL platform). In any case, this payment site is external and said property belongs to the company PAYPAL LLC-


Of our branches, we have two, which in their entirety in the first instance there is no public service, only in case the customer wishes to withdraw the product, they can do so by visiting the store, one of these is in the city of Concepción that works remotely and also in the city of Santiago, our services are specifically flowers at home in Los Angeles CA – U.S.A, Concepción and flowers at home in Las Condes, CHILE.

For all purposes, this flower shop has an address, rut, associated checking account and business number via PAYPAL LLC.

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